<aside> 🏀 Thinking of running Giving Madness to bring your employees together? We’re here to be your cheerleaders! This comprehensive resource provides you with the play-by-play to successfully run Giving Madness at your company, from pitching executives to impacting nonprofits after the championship game.


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🤩 About Giving Madness

❓What is Giving Madness

Giving Madness is a one or four-week bracket-style giving tournament. Structured like the most famous college basketball tournament, your company starts with 16 nonprofits in the giving bracket. Companies contribute to a donation pool and employees vote to advance their favorite nonprofits through four rounds of “games." After the championship game, the pool gets divided up and donated proportionately.

👐 The Mission

Our mission is to create a new moment of giving in March—one focused on corporate giving and the impact companies can have when they include their people. Our hope is twofold: employees feel more connected to their teams, and nonprofits fill the gap in funding that has existed for too long.

⚙️ How it Works




Step 1: Create a Company Bracket

Kick off the tournament by building a bracket with your company’s 16 favorite nonprofits. Set a start date and add company contributions. We recommend that company’s contribute $5-$15 per employee to the donation pool.

Step 2: Employees vote for nonprofits

Employees vote to advance nonprofits they love through the brackets, with 4 rounds of "games" over the course of one or four weeks.

Step 3: The pool gets donated

After the championship game, the donation pool is proportionately divided up among the nonprofits, based on where they land in the bracket.

💫 Running Giving Madness

Automated Communication: Emails + Slack

Additional Launch Resources

✨ Why Giving Madness?

Pitching Giving Madness

Pitching Social Impact

😎 Promotional Materials & Assets

🧐 Explainer Assets

Use these assets to introduce Giving Madness to employees and other necessary stakeholders at your company.